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Honeymoon Hurrahs:

From an interview about spending your honeymoon like a local in Paris to submitted honeymoon photos and ideas from our readers, we have the scoop on some fabulous locations and ideas that will make planning your honeymoon a breeze.

Inspiring the team this issue is how brides pull off the "do it yourself" weddings! Contributor, Jessica Beans, follows three brides and their attempt to cut costs by carrying most of the load of wedding planning and preparation themselves. Is it worth it? Find out this issue!

DIY Weddings

This wedding season was filled with 11 stunning brides and grooms, love-filled looks and gorgeous locations. From a Southern Savannah wedding to a Northern Michigan lake side wedding and many more in between. Along with photos of these special weddings are tips on how to incorporate wonderful detail from each wedding into yours.

What you'll find most in this issue: Weddings! weddings!

Kim Coulter!

Inspired designer, Amy, has had the privilege of working with fashion and styling extraordinaire, Kim Coulter in a number of fashion shows and other fashion-related events. And now Kim wants to share her expertise with you!
Kim spent her younger years modeling in New York City for top designers and companies. She models and works with well-known photographers and stylists and broke into the industry with her business, Style Makers LLC, and most recently the creation of Tween-Teen Self-Esteem. We are excited to have Kim involved with Inspired and can't wait for you to read more about her in Inspired Bride.